Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ordering Food

Last night my boyfriend and I had our nightly discussion: what should we have for dinner tonight? It was getting late and restaurants were closing, so our choices were slim. Then I did what I always do. I got out my laptop to see what deals I could find on thecampusspecial.com.

The Campus Special is a company that is very dear to me. You see, I just recently got an internship in sales with this INC 5000 corporation. (And I applied for it online, of course.) They list coupons on their site, but in the food court section, they also take online orders. This is perfect for someone like me who hates having to explain what I want 15 times over the phone. When you order online, it's clearly spelled out: NO MUSHROOMS, or EXTRA CHEESE, my common preferences.

Often times, I find myself lazy, in my bed, and hungry. I want delivery, but I don't want pizza. The Campus Special makes sure to cater to the needs of all the picky, but lazy, people at each college campus. Another site that helps with decisions about food is the ever popular urbanspoon.com.

On Urbanspoon.com, you first choose your city or area. Then you can narrow it down to either the type of food or, my favorites, delivery and late night. Other options include romantic, outdoor dining, and live music, as well as a price scale for any budget.

For some reason, online ordering seems to be more popular with restaurants that have delivery, but there are some places where you can order online and then pick it up. I always stick with delivery, though.

Do you take advantage of online specials and coupons? Have you ever ordered food online?

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