Monday, February 28, 2011


It's safe to say that most girls just looove their magazines. Whether it be US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, or W Magazine, we just can't seem to get enough. When a friend is having a bad day, I run over and surprise her with this week's celebrity gossip in the form of People (and some ice cream, of course). But now, with all the same information just a click away, paper magazine sales are down and a new magazine has entered our lives -- the online magazine.

Now, by online magazine I don't mean or, I mean magazines that are only accessible via the internet. One of my favorite online magazines is directed toward college women, or collegiettes, and has its own branch at every school. I am talking about Her Campus. They feature weekly updates of different articles pertaining to college women. In fact, I am a writer for Her Campus at my school! Anyone can be a writer and it looks awesome on your resume. It's a perfect start to any career in the field of writing or digital media.

Another online magazine I recently discovered is JAYE magazine, which has the same audience as Her Campus -- college women. Their slogan is "Because college is more than the classroom" and I believe that 100%!! The thing that is special about JAYE is that it is online, but it looks and feels like a print magazine. It is more than just articles with links and pictures. It is a page by page magazine of awesome fashion collages, interesting articles, and even advertisements. They feature "get the look" pages along with best beauty buys, and all of your favorite magazine regulars.

So next time, instead of shelling out that $4 for this month's In Style, maybe you'll opt for its free counterpart at one of these sites. And don't worry, I'm still on the hunt for more awesome online magazines.

Know any you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. The very first thing I noticed on the page was the lack of constancy in the subheader of the blog. It has verbs ending in "ing" and then the word "entertainment" is used as a verb. It cause a little bit of confusion. Change it to "being entertained," or "entertaining."

    This first post (or most recent post), I thought was good. I didn't know that you could start your own branch of Her Campus.

    In the first paragraph, you should add the phrase "paper magazine" before sales so it reads "...just a click away, paper magazine sales are down and a new magazine..."

    Paragraph two, sentence 4. Start with "Her campus features." Remember that Her Campus is a singular noun as it is a publication.

    Again in paragraph 3, keep in mind that JAYE Magazine is a singular entity. It should be referred to as "it/its" or as "JAYE/JAYE's" and not "They/their."